Monthly Archives: February 2015

“The Value Of Time”

“Do not complain if your waiting is longer than expected. A big MIRACLE takes more time! Not because God is not able to do it in a second, if He wanted: He can do anything. This time’s only for you, to get ready to welcome and handle it.” – J.L.

“Never Be Afraid To Face Your Failures”

Yeah, I know it’s just a silly thing to tell, but today I got a present: my gorgeous hair stylist and I, last time, have “cooked” my hair in a bold chatouche experiment. Today, with a brand new haircut and a shock marrow treatment, we found our way out. How nice it is when people, instead of avoiding to face bristly, shaggy issues, roll up their sleeves and help us out!! I lllove my hair stylist.

“We Need A Love Revolution”

Hi there! Some years ago I was living a tough time… then someone told me about the importance of renewing one’s mind reading and listening to the word of God. At first I thought it had to be just a “churchy” thing, but then, one night, I put that advice into practice. From then on, many things have happened, and I’m not the same as before. As my way of thinking was changing for good, I realized that even my […]

“Oh mine, oh mine, oh mine…”

I have nothing more to say… Only: have a blessed night!!

“The Last One… I Promise”… :*

Oh mine oh mine oh mine… Tonight is the night for some good, vintage sound!

“… Ok… Just another one and then: Goodnight!”

Yayayayayayay… I llllove Yes! And I cannot but jump my special dance every time I listen to “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”… Super enjoy!! 😉

“Just to say Goodnight”

Hello guys, I just wanted to say goodnight with one of my favorite songs when I was a teenager… Enjoy! 😉

“The Importance Of Gratitude”

Hello everyone!! You’re going to read one of my little thoughts, fruit of my meditation in these last few days… Did you ever notice that, when your attention goes to what you’re still missing or waiting for, a perfect mix of frustration and discontent seems to bother your soul, trying to make of your sunny day a gloomy day? But then, all of a sudden, Something happens: a fresh new “Message from Heaven” comes like a gentle, warm breeze, that […]

“Soooooo Glad…”

Waiting for a brand new week to begin, I’d like to share one of my favourite songs with you. Pleasant, enjoyable as a “Summer Breeze”. Have a blessed night! J

“My First Love: Music”

Since the beginning of my existence, in my mommy’s womb, I’ve learned to appreciate the genius of Musicians such as Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi, Bach, Debussy, and many others… My parents used to spend their spare time listening to high level music. That’s why, in my early childhood, I could recognize every symphony from the very first notes. Then, at thirteen years of age, I moved my first steps as a dee jay in a little local radio station… And […]