4ever Grateful and Blessed.

  • With Francesco Focher
  • In Music Production

for those who believe that there’s a special time for everything under the sun,
here I am.

2016 has been an awesome year so far… And it hasn’t finished yet! 😉

In less than 10 months I’ve lived the most incredible experiences:

first of all my training courses to learn how to be the best version of myself to help people (especially Leaders, who can help so many other people by making their best decisions ever!).

I’d like to thank my Teachers and Mentors Brendon Burchard, Alessio Roberti, Antonella Rizzuto and Paolo Borzacchiello: now I know that speaking the right words at the right time can make a big difference in other people lives, as well as in mine!

Then, my moving from Milano to Lugano: the beginning of a brand new life, with new projects and new dreams to fulfill, beyond that of being the Italian voice of so many Tv and Radio commercials.

In these pics, some of my happy moments in Music Production with Francesco and Mirko, two of my favorite sound engineers.

What a Year, this 2016…

Stay with me, I’ll soon be back with other news!



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