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The Hero’s Journey

…Where are you now, on your Journey? Captions’ English Translation: THE CALL. A true Hero doesn’t know to be a Hero. He finds out to be a Hero during his Journey. THE REFUSAL. A True Hero is scared. At first, He wants to run away. THE THRESHOLD. A Hero makes a Choice. He faces Himself and leaves. THE GUARDIANS. A Hero knows He can’t travel alone. He creates His Group of Peers. THE DEFEAT. In the beginning, a Hero’s not […]

The best Rewards are always reserved to Those who bring the greatest Value to themselves and to the World around them as a result of Who and What they have become. — Jim Rohn
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4ever Grateful and Blessed.

Hello… for those who believe that there’s a special time for everything under the sun, here I am. 2016 has been an awesome year so far… And it hasn’t finished yet! 😉 In less than 10 months I’ve lived the most incredible experiences: first of all my training courses to learn how to be the best version of myself to help people (especially Leaders, who can help so many other people by making their best decisions ever!). I’d like to […]

It’s just a matter of Vibration…

Believe it or not, everything vibrates, in this wonderfully made Universe. You and me are vibrating at a certain frequence, and if our vibration is the same, we attract each other. At a lower vibration level we feel worried, doubtful, fearful, anxious… At a higher vibration level we experiment Peace of Heart and Mind… and Faith, instead of worry! Let’s be aware and conscious of the fact that any moment we can choose who or what we are attracting in […]

My Fourth Fab Summer’s Fruit…

Hello, how are you? Yes, it’s been quite a long time since my last article. The reason is my commitment towards you. Actually, I’m spending hours and hours working hard to get ready for the beginning of a new Season: that of giving you an Excellent Service as Executive Coach and Personal Development Trainer. Here is my Fourth Fab Summer’s Fruit: my Public Speaking Certificate, issued by NLP ITALY Coaching School. Your welfare is my first concern. It’s my Mission! […]

HolyWings: the Flash Mob of Light

My Fabulous Summer’s Third Fruit…

Another Summer spent on my books? Yesss… What a Joy! I would not have wanted to be anywhere else, to rest, thinking of going back to my same old steps, in the end. The Wind of Change passed me by… How could I not ask him for a ride? LOve, J

For each Father, his Princess…

… A good Father will be remembered forever…

Did you have a Dream? Now you have two options: you can jot it down and pursue it, or leave it as 'just a dream'... — Jasmine Laurenti
The ability to control the mind is, in the end, what separates the good and even the great from the best in any field. — Bob Proctor